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Lesson Learned

Today the German dog obedience championship took place. During a similar occasion last year I had a falling-out with somebody because I told that person that I thought she did something wrong. The championship today made me think about this incident again. I questioned myself: What would I do today? Would I still walk up to this person being really angry about what she did and confront her with my opinion?

Throughout my life I made the experience that most people aren’t really interested in what you think, especially when your opinions diverge. I didn’t bother much. I gave my opinion when I felt it was necessary. I don’t talk much, I’m not a chatty person, so I only open my mouth when there’s something to say—which is, for example, when I think somebody is treated in an unfair manner [as in the above mentioned situation].

My answer to that question closing the first paragraph is—no. No, I won’t walk up to that person again and face her with my opinion. I can’t quite tell, if it is only because I am so disappointed by this person that I just don’t care enough about her any more—or if I don’t care about other people enough any more. I don’t know, if it was only that one situation, or if it were a lot of other similar but minor situations, that caused this change of mind. I guess I finally learned the above mentioned—most people give s*#! about your opinion. But you should cherish those people who care about your opinion, because you are as important to them as they are to you.

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    Posted 04/10/2015 at 9:18 PM | Link

    Had a similar situation today and I kept my mouth shut, knowing it wouldn’t do any good and would just get my pulse up. I’m learning to pick my battles somehow…

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